A Survivor’s Gruesome Account of the Bronx Bus Crash


New accounts are coming out of yesterday’s Bronx bus crash that killed fourteen. The bus, which had been traveling from Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun casino to Chinatown, overturned on the New England Thruway in the Bronx, killing 14 of its 33 passengers. And the survivors witnessed their fellow passengers’ gruesome deaths. “I saw people split open. It was awful,” said one passenger named Victor. “Someone was crying for help,” he continued. “One man lost his hands. He was alive when the emergency people took him from the bus. People were crying. People were screaming … I saw a lot of death.”

Another survivor, Chung Ninh, 59, remembered dangling in the air as the bus lurched onto its side. He managed to crawl through a hatch in the roof to free himself. “There was a lot of blood all over the people,” said Ninh. Ninh also recalled trying to check one woman’s pulse as bus driver Ophadell Williams screamed, “She died. She died. Forget this one, help another one!”

Bus crash survivor: ‘I saw people split open’ [NYP]