Al Qaeda’s Version of Cosmo Advises Lady Jihadists on Skin Care and Suicide Bombs


Al Qaeda’s media wing has released a glossy new bible for women’s jihadist style called Al-Shamikha, which loosely translates to “the majestic woman.” Its first cover featured a woman in a niqab toting a submachine gun. Inside, next to advice on suicide attacks and waging electronic warfare, readers can also find tips on “marrying a mujahideen” or how to get that perfect complexion (i.e. stay indoors with your face covered).

The magazine’s launch comes just nine months after Al Qaeda’s English-language glossy, Inspire, which uses American media tactics to radicalize Muslims in the West. Inspire’s editor is believed to be a U.S. citizen turned militant named Samir Kahn, who penned such winning headlines as “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.” U.S. security forces are concerned about Al Qaeda using its publishing arm as a recruitment tool. But until Al-Shamikha offers articles like “Seven Things Your Mujahideen Secretly Hates About You” or “Six Ways to Tell If You’re About to Get Jilted by a Jihadist,” we doubt it can copy Cosmo’s success.

Al-Qa’ida glossy advises women to cover up and marry a martyr
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