Another Young Person Falls Off a Manhattan Balcony


After the deaths of 17-year-old Nicole John and 24-year-old Connor Donohue, both of whom fell from balconies in Manhattan, we hoped we’d seen the end of this trend. Not so: Early yesterday, 26-year-old Hana Lin fell from a 26th floor balcony at 101 Warren Street in Tribeca. She died upon landing in the park-like common area roof of a next-door Barnes and Noble. No foul play is suspected, though Lin had been having beers with the two residents of the apartment earlier in the evening. When they went on a run to buy more booze, they returned to find the apartment empty and went to bed after a brief search for Lin. It was only the next morning when a lower floor neighbor spotted her body that they learned what happened.

Party gal in luxury apt. fall [NYP]