Are You a Snob Just for Snobbery’s Sake? Join the Club!


Today the New York Times discovers the Native Society, a strange young enclave uncovered by the blog Guest of a Guest back in December. It's one of those elitism-for-elitism's-sake clubs, like the wretched Ivy Plus Society — except in this case the requirement for entry isn't achievement in academics but rather achievement in ... place of birth. To be a member of tNS, you have to have been born and raised in New York, or at least have that sensibility. You see, because native New Yorkers have trouble interacting with ... others:

“I felt like I was back-tracking,” said Kristy Rao, who said that she felt estranged from the sorority scene at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. She had been the kind of city kid who summered on the fjords of Norway and sipped Côtes du Rhône at sidewalk cafes with her parents at 15. She was aghast to find fellow students sucking back Jell-O shots and dressing up for “pimps and hos” theme parties. “My return to New York automatically improved my mental state,” she recalled.

Of course, there are other potential ways to improve one's mental state, other than joining an elitist club. You could, for example, find a way to survive attending a non-top-twenty school without becoming an insufferable snob. But why compromise a perfectly good ego?

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