At Silicon Valley Start-ups, the Free Beer Comes With a Side of iShame


Don Draper has nothing on dotcoms in the Valley. In order to make up for the 24/7 start-up work schedule, offices like the Yelp headquarters in San Francisco give their employees 24/7 access to a kegerator of beer. The only catch is that workers have to log in to an iPad application attached to the keg that records every ounce they drink. “If you’re at the top of the leader board consistently, I don’t know if that’s a place that you’d want to be,” Eric Singley, director of Yelp consumer and mobile products told Bloomberg. All of the embarrassment potential of drinking with co-workers, combined with the iPad-equivalent of the walk of shame. Boy, when nerds let loose, they really do not at all let loose.

Booze Makes Comeback at Work as Silicon Valley Taps IPad-Linked Kegerators [Bloomberg]