Breaking: American Media Less Interested in Chubby South Asian Than Attractive White Woman


As if having his private phone records and personal quirks revealed as evidence and being the focus of the biggest insider-trading trial in years wasn't embarrassing enough for Galleon founder Raj Rajaratnam, Bloomberg News had to go ahead and rub it in:

The Rajaratnam trial may be the most far-reaching financial trial on Wall Street in years. Still, he’s got nothing on Martha Stewart when it comes to media star power.

Outside the courthouse this morning were three satellite trucks. As jury selection began, just 18 or so journalists sat in the back row of the courtroom. Courthouse officials had set aside a separate room for journalists squeezed out of the courtroom. That space was mostly empty of reporters.

Compare that to the 2004 trial of Stewart, who was convicted of obstructing a government investigation into her stock trades. In that trial, dozens of journalists filled three rows of courtroom benches on an almost daily basis. That throng included celebrity reporters such as Dominick Dunne, who was writing for Vanity Fair.

Stewart was greeted outside the courthouse on Day 1 of her trial by about 100 photographers. Her supporters held placards high.

Tomorrow, we may learn that not only is Rajaratnam's piecrust not as flaky as Martha's, he never even met Snoop Dogg.

Rajaratnam Trial Brings Early Defense Victory, Lloyd Who? [Bloomberg]