Bronx Bus Crash Driver Gave ‘False Statements’ to Get a License


Ophadell Williams, the driver of the bus that crashed last Saturday in the Bronx and left fifteen dead, gave “false statements” in order to obtain a license. Williams used false statements because he’s apparently had several problems with his driving record, and has used several aliases. His driving privileges had already been suspended under the alias Eric Williams, and now they’ve been revoked again. “Today, the Department of Motor Vehicles turned over information to the New York State Police and the State Inspector General regarding evidence of false statements given by Ophadell Williams,” said Howard Glaser, Governor Cuomo’s director of State Operations. “[The state] has suspended, effective immediately, his driving privileges.”

Ophadell Williams, driver in Bronx bus crash that killed 15, gave ‘false statements’ to get license [NYDN]