Brooklyn State Senator Carl Kruger to Surrender to Authorities


Democratic state senator Carl Kruger will surrender to federal authorities on Thursday to face corruption charges. The senator, who represents Brooklyn, has been under investigation since 2007, pending a probe into whether he performed official acts in exchange for campaign donations. “Everyone knows that Carl has been using his post to take money for years, so this isn’t surprising,” a source told the New York Post. “What’s more surprising is that it didn’t happen 10 years ago.”

Last week, the FBI arrested lawyer Michael Levitis in Kruger’s pay-to-pay scheme. Levitis was caught on a secretly recorded audiotape asking an FBI informant to hold a fund-raiser for Kruger in exchange for help with an upcoming business inspection. Levitis has not become a cooperating witness.

B’klyn Sen. Kruger will surrender to face corruption charges