Chris Christie Knows He Can Win, He Just Doesn’t Want To


New Jersey governor Chris Christie agrees with everyone who says he could win the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, and even the general election against President Obama. Christie agrees, telling National Review, "I already know I could win." But, as he's said many, many times before, he's not actually ready to be president yet:

Like I said before, I am who I am and people have to trust, they don’t have to but they should trust, my instincts on this. I know me better than anyone else knows me. If I felt like I was ready, I’d go, but I’m not. But I’m also not going to go if I don’t think I’m ready.

Charlie Sheen would not be pleased. If we've learned anything from him these past couple of weeks — big if — it's that "winning" is all that matters. Clearly, Christie could benefit from some of his wise counsel.

‘I already know I could win’ [Corner/National Review]