Chris Christie Picks a Fight with a Real Housewives Husband


Hot and sexy” Governor Chris Christie has picked a fight with Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Albert Manzo. Manzo — who is married to Housewives matriarch Caroline — is a commissioner on the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission, and Christie believes he abused the public trust by lying about where he lives. Christie — who we imagine has enjoyed several plates of baked ziti at Manzo’s banquet hall in his time — said Manzo lists his business, the Brownstone, as his official address. “Do you really believe he’s sleeping on a cot at the Brownstone in Paterson?” Christie asked. Well, actually, says Manzo — who touted his close personal relationship with disgraced former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik on the show — he has an apartment in the Brownstone’s building, and he’ll fight to keep the position. Let’s hope they caught it all on tape.

NJ Governor Christie Attacks, Suspends ‘Real Housewives’ Husband Albert Manzo [HuffPo]