CNN Reporter in Libya Absolutely Savages Fox News


You know what Fox News doesn’t do? Send people to serve as human shields for Muammar Qaddafi. At least that’s what Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported earlier yesterday. Though CNN, Reuters, and other news organizations attended a government-sponsored tour through Qaddafi’s compound on Sunday — reportedly impeding a planned British strike and causing a “great deal of consternation by coalition commanders” — Griffin claimed that Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan declined the invite because he alone was savvy enough to realize Qaddafi’s true intentions. It wasn’t until later that she found out that Fox News had actually sent someone on the tour. But not a reporter. A security guard with a camera. None of this made CNN reporter Nic Robertson, who was on the compound tour, very happy, although it did give him a nice opportunity to lambaste Fox News’ aversion to covering things that happen outside of a hotel. “The idea that we were some kind of human shields is nuts,” Robertson said. “I mean, if they had actually been there — Steve Harrigan, the correspondent here, is somebody I’ve known for many years — I see him more times at breakfast than I see him out on trips with government officials here.”

CNN’s Nic Robertson Tears Into Fox News For Saying Libyans Used Him As Human Shield (VIDEO) [HuffPo]