Commenters: We’ve Been Listening to You!


A couple of weeks ago we launched our new commenting system. We’re continuing to improve it and respond to feature requests from readers. In fact, we’ve already made two changes based on your brilliant and not at all curmudgeonly feedback:

• We’ve extended the time in which readers can decide to edit their comment from 60 seconds to three minutes. (Note: Once you click to edit a comment, you can take as long as you want to rewrite it.)
• We are once again alerting readers if words they’ve used in their comments are likely to trigger our “bad word filter.” This was a feature of the old system that we’re resurrecting. This will allow readers to edit their comment instead of the system automatically removing it.

Stay tuned for more changes in the near future. And please let us know if anyone is experiencing any difficulties logging in or commenting. Just post below or e-mail us at commenting [at]