‘East Coast Rapist’ Suspect Attempts Suicide in Jail


A man dubbed the East Coast Rapist, accused of over seventeen attacks, including attacks against minors, spanning twelve years and several states, was arrested Friday as a result of “a sudden turn” in the investigation. A forensic lab matched 39-year-old Aaron Thomas, a former truck driver living in New Haven, Connecticut, to the attacks. Thomas tried to hang himself in jail on Saturday, and after being taken to the hospital was back in a New Haven jail later that night. He is being held on $1 million bail and is due to appear in court on Monday. Thomas was described by neighbors as “an odd nuisance, a man who lifted weights in the front yard, parked a loud tractor-trailer in their residential neighborhood and ran or rode his bike unfathomable distances.” Also: “His girlfriend’s son called him laid-back.”

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