For the Past 24 Hours, Libya Has Been ‘Black Holing’ the Internet


Libya’s Internet, which has been flaky for the past few weeks, was cut off completely starting at 4:35 p.m. yesterday. Google’s reports show that requests to its YouTube servers have flatlined. But Libya is taking a different approach than Egypt, where they stopped broadcasting routes into the country. “It looks like the routes are still being broadcast, but the traffic doesn’t get a response at all. If you send something to Libya, you don’t get an answer,” Rik Ferguson of the security firm Trend Micro told New Scientist. Since most communication runs through the government-controlled Libya Telecom & Technology, Ferguson says Libya is likely “black holing all incoming connections — simply throwing away all outside traffic.” Either that or Qaddafi spilled hallucinogenic Nescafé on his master-control keyboard.

Libya goes offline as nation’s servers flatline [New Scientist]