Girl Eating Spaghetti on Subway Incites Brawl


Sometimes when someone is eating on the train, you’re like, Ew, do I really need to watch this person scarf down a McDonald’s snack wrap? But guess what. Yes, you do! And you’d be lucky if it was just a snack wrap! (Because those aren’t that messy if they get thrown at you.) In this video, a girl is confronted for eating pasta on the subway, and she does not care for the interruption. “What kind of animals eat on the train?” asks a fellow rider. “What kind of fat bitches look like you?” the pasta eater fires back. (Her friend calmly advises the attacker, “You take a look in the mirror, miss. Don’t talk about nobody else.”) Watch it after the jump!

And you thought eating pasta on the subway was only for rats.

Subway Fight Erupts After Passenger Objects To Spaghetti Eating [NYCtheblog]