Girl Sells Spot in iPad 2 Line for $900, Nerd Pays Up


It may sound like adorable Manhattan College student Amanda Foote made off like a bandit for selling the first spot in line at Apple’s flagship store for $900. After all, app developer Hazem Sayed was willing to fork over nine benjamins in order to have the shiny new toy in time for his weekend business trip. But Foote had to get there at 5 p.m. Wednesday in order to score the first spot in line. (Apple, BestBuy, Target, and Walmart won’t let iPad 2 fiends in until 5 p.m. today.) And she and Sayed didn’t swap places until after she’d been there for 41 hours, enduring both yesterday’s rain and doughnut-theft-by-stranger — all for the hourly rate of $21.95. Surely there’s a better way to buy Lady Gaga tickets (Foote’s splurge of choice)? Oh, she’s a media studies major? Never mind then. This kind of entrepreneurial side-job spirit is just what you need!

Woman Sells First Spot in iPad 2 Line For $900 [VIDEO] [Mashable]