Good Wife Julianna Margulies Prays She’s Not ‘Constantly Opening a Wound’ for the Spitzers


Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski, co-stars on The Good Wife, were hanging out together at last night’s YSL-sponsored performance of the Rossi Rossini comedy Le Comte Ory at the Metropolitan Opera. Since the pair roll in uptown circles, we asked if they ever run into the Spitzers, on whom their hit show was originally based. “I saw the Spitzers at Twelfth Night, and I must say he gave me a really warm smile, and I smiled back,” Baranski said. “I think it’s a family that’s been through a lot. I particularly admire Mrs. Spitzer. I hope if they watch the show it entertains them and they don’t take anything too personally.”

Margulies added, “If they do I hope it’s not constantly opening a wound. That’s what I pray for.”