In New Instructional Video, Man Introduces Novel New Way of Dealing With Subway Crazies


Normally, when a crazy person on the subway starts directing their crazy at you, you have a limited number of options. You can:

1) Ignore the crazy. This is what most people do.
2) Walk away from the crazy. This is a bit harder, as subway cars are small, and crazy people often (but not always) have legs and can follow you.
3) Fight crazy with crazy. This can be fun but doesn’t always end well.

But the guy in this YouTube clip, unearthed by Animal NY, took an entirely different path. He chose to mockingly accept the crazy as it came to him. It doesn’t necessarily minimize the effects of the crazy (look at how many people get off at the next station) or make the victim’s ride any easier. But there is a certain grace to it. Pretending to go back to reading your book as someone named “Bloody Loco” is screaming the N-word at you takes some real dedication — and, dare we say it, class.

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