In Which We Confused a Robot for a Human


We read PopSci’s headline about an “uncomfortably realistic”-looking robot but even still, for a few moments, we thought we were looking at a photo of a robot next to a photo of a human. A skin-on-its-face, hair-on-its-head, mouth-in-motion human. Just like us! What we were really looking at was a photo of a Geminoid robot and then another photo of the same robot covered in a creepy simulated skin, with a goatee and stubble to round out the effect. Is it possible that A.I. was actually more of a prophecy than a Steven Spielberg flop? Because we’re pretty sure we know the first thing people will use these for.

Though probably not this model.

Video: Japan’s New Goateed Geminoid Robot Is Uncomfortably Realistic [PopSci]