State Workers Who Won New York’s Mega Millions May Have Already Quit Their Jobs


Although their names and identities have yet to be revealed, seven state IT workers are rumored to have bought the winning $319 million ticket in the Mega Millions jackpot Friday. The New York Post is reporting that the “geek squad,” who beat 1-in-176-million odds, all worked together at the New York State Homes and Community Renewal division in Albany. A co-worker named Stephanie Sheldon thinks the group regularly pooled their money to buy a ticket. “Give in a dollar, and look at what they’re gonna win! It’s wonderful,” she told Fox23. More like, Give in a dollar or risk the stomach curdling feeling of watching your co-workers yell ‘See you, suckas’ without even packing a box. The Post thinks the seven lucky winners have kissed the working week good-bye based on the word of a deli worker at their favorite lunch spot, who hasn’t seen them since Friday. If it’s true that’s good news for the 9,800 state workers Governor Cuomo threatened to lay off during budget negotiations. That means there are seven more spots available and a shorter line for the beef burgundy lunch buffet down the street at Cook’s.

Mega Millions ticket claimed, winners quit state jobs [NYP]
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