Jon Meacham’s First Book Deal As VP of Random House: Al Gore’s Future Manifesto


Jon Meacham, the young sage who edited Newsweek and won a Pulitzer Prize for his writing about history, has scored his first big deal in his new job with a book that will look toward the future. He’s signed former vice-president Al Gore to write an as-yet-untitled tome that will take Gore’s arguments “beyond climate change and really look at the global future.” Gore, who has already written the two bestsellers The Assault on Reason and An Inconvenient Truth, said he hopes the book will “start a conversation about the large-scale drivers of change that are defining and shaping our future — from the rapid development and integration of radically new technologies to the planet-changing impact of the climate crisis, to poverty, globalization and the democratization of knowledge accompanying the emergence of a ubiquitous Internet linking ever-more-intelligent devices.”

So, it’ll be Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom?

New Gore Book Is Meacham’s First Acquisition for Random House [Arts Beat/NYT]