Judah Friedlander ‘Just Can’t Say Either Way’ What Is Going on With Him and Susan Sarandon


The other day, “Page Six” asked 30 Rock star Judah Friedlander if he was “hooking up” with Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon. The two hang out a lot at Sarandon’s Ping-Pong club, SPiN. When confronted, Friedlander didn’t say no, but rather he made a joke about a New Year’s resolution to only hook up with Oscar winners. Then, after apparently spending some time thinking about it and realizing that it might be kind of awesome to actually encourage ambiguity over whether or not he, a lovably sloven comedian, was hooking up with a smokin’ hot cougar, Friedlander sent “Page Six” a follow-up text. “I just can’t say either way what’s going on with me and Susan,” he said. Well played, Friedlander. Well played.

Just can’t say [NYP]