Judith Regan Wants to Publish a Book of Charlie Sheen’s Poetry


Downstairs at Bar Boulud last night, at a private party for the new WNET interview series “The Artist Toolbox,” comedian Frankie Hudak wrapped New York publishing legend Judith Regan in a bro hug and demanded to know where she’s been hiding. “Just fucking around, traveling the world, having sex,” she informed him, prompting us to immediately ask her for an interview. “Not if it’s about Roger Ailes,” she told us, referring to the Fox News exec who, she claims in a lawsuit, urged her to lie to federal investigators about her affair with Bernard Kerik. But ignoring that scandal was actually fine with us, as we wanted to know why Regan had appeared on the Bravo series Millionaire Matchmaker in December.

Patti Stanger came on my [radio] show one day, and she said, ‘You’re single. Why don’t you have a man in your life?’” Regan began. “I said, ‘Who said I don’t have a man in my life?’ I was seeing people intermittently.” Multiple people, we wondered, at the same time? “I’ll plead the fifth on that one.” She continued: “That guy John [who she dated on Matchmaker] became a friend of mine. He’s very sweet. In fact, he e-mailed me today, but we’re not really dating, because I don’t really date anymore. I’m beyond dating. B.D.: Beyond dating. New York is too small to date. I have a boyfriend in Rome. Winning!”

Winning, like, winning-winning? “I love Charlie Sheen,” Regan, who published Howard Stern’s Private Parts and James McGreevey’s The Confession, among other notable tomes, informed us. “I want to publish his book of poetry. I’m thinking of going back into the publishing business just to publish Charlie’s book. Really! I think he’s a wordsmith and a genius. I mean, his turn of phrase is actually stellar. It’s remarkable. He may have some type of illness or addiction, but he’s quite verbal and he has an amazing ability to put words together, and you can’t take that away from him. He’s doing slam poetry.” Before setting aside her white wine and heading off to the airport to vacation in the Caribbean with her daughter, Regan added: “I want to date Charlie Sheen, or be his nanny. I’d put him on a leash and walk around with him and whip him into shape. I’m post-menopausal now — my eggs are rotten — so I can have fun. WINNING!”