New Jerseyites Reappropriate the Term ‘Bridge and Tunnel’


If you didn’t experience the unique misfortune pleasure of cramming into the PATH train to Hoboken with a bunch of green-shirted bros and lady-bros this Saturday for the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, you might have missed such cultural highlights as a man kicking “a woman he hardly knew after her fiancé told him off” or police issuing a ticket for throwing meatballs out of a window. The event got so out of hand that Mayor Dawn Zimmer is contemplating canceling it next year. But before you dismiss the entire state as a bunch of Snookis-in-the-making, one reveler explained that it wasn’t Hoboken’s fault. Nicole Magana, a 33-year-old real estate broker, who probably regrets telling the New York Times she started her fifteen-hour spree with a beer in the shower, blamed the hooliganism on the “bridge-and-tunnel crowd, people who come here from out of town.”

For Hoboken, a Day of Revelry Is Overwhelmed by Lawlessness [NYT]