Libya Releases Four Detained Times Journalists


Six days after four New York Times journalists were reported missing in Libya, the government has released them into the custody of diplomats from Turkey. On Friday in an interview with Christiane Amanpour, Seif al-Islam Qaddafi (son of Muammar) seemed to mention the four. “They entered the country illegally and when the army, when they liberated the city of Ajdabiya from the terrorists and they found her, they arrest her because, you know, foreigners in this place,” he said, presumably referencing photographer Lynsey Addario, the only woman in the group. “But then they were happy because they found out she is American, not European. And thanks to that, she will be free tomorrow.” Even though the United States joined allied forces in instituting a no-fly zone over Libya and attacking key Qaddafi military sites over the weekend, he remained good to his word. But even as the four Times journalists were released, word comes that two AFP reporters and a Getty Images photographer have gone missing.

Libya Releases 4 Times Journalists [NYT]