Lydia Hearst Sues Gotham Publisher Jason Binn


Talk about poor planning: Beautiful socialite/model Lydia Hearst is suing luxury magazine publisher Jason Binn for misusing her image and quotes from her as an advertisement in his Gotham Magazine. The suit claims that editors of the glossy, which focuses on the social set here in New York, interviewed Hearst and then used her image and her responses in an in-house booze advertorial for Xante Liqueur. “This is a blatant misappropriation of Ms. Hearst’s image and likeness and directly violates New York Civil Rights Law,” her lawyer said. (We’ve reached out to Binn for comment and will let you know what he says.) This raises the obvious question: Doesn’t Lydia realize that when she gets too old to be a working model, the only magazines that are going to want to keep giving her publicity are ones like Binn’s Gotham and Hamptons? (Lydia makes a point to avoid working for Hearst publications, the company founded and run by her family.) It’s not like she needs the money from the lawsuit, that’s for sure.