Mayor Bloomberg Just Wants People to Like Him Again?


He’s not running for the presidency (right? …) or another term (right? …), but after receiving some of his worst poll numbers ever recently, Mayor Bloomberg has decided to spend nearly a million dollars on a campaign-style TV ad. The 30-second spot uses leftover footage from the 2009 mayoral race to tout Bloomberg’s efforts to balance the budget, fight crime, create jobs, and reform the education system, as well as his general “independence.” Deputy mayor Howard Wolfson says the intention is merely to level the playing field in the war of ideas. “There’s been a vacuum on television in the last month,” he said. “The UFT has had their say, the AFL-CIO has had their say on radio. And now it’s time for the mayor to have his say on behalf of the city.” Sure. We think Bloomberg just wants to be popular again, and why not spend this minuscule fraction of his fortune to try to help make that happen.

Is Mike Bloomberg Running For Something? Updated [Daily Politics/NYDN]