Mayor Bloomberg Sports Cameltoe in Public


This is what Mayor Michael Bloomberg looked like as he descended from the ceiling onto the stage at the annual Inner Circle dinner over the weekend. The annual charity event, put on by the city’s political reporters to tease the public figures they cover, made a jab at the accident-plagued Broadway musical Spider-Man when Bloomberg got stuck, mid-descent. “Will I be up here long?” he asked a stagehand. “No … We just have to issue an RFP, get three bona-fide bids, go before the community board, submit a ULURP application, and do an environmental-impact statement — and we’ll have you down and you can grab the train home,” the worker replied. Ah, reporter humor! The yucks continued as the cast pilloried Bloomberg’s slow response to this winter’s devastating blizzard, which left many people in harms way and at least one person dead due to lack of medical attention. To be fair, this was funnier than that time at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner when George Bush made a slideshow of pictures of himself looking under desks for WMDs.

Mayor Bloomberg does Spider-Man, ‘Mamma Mia’ at Inner Circle 2011 [NYDN]