Model Plays With Snake. Snake Bites Model’s Breast Implant. Snake Dies. [Updated]


The story of what happened when Israeli model Orit Fox appeared alongside a snake on Spanish television is troubling for a number of reasons. First, because one of these creatures is getting groped and exploited, and it’s impossible to tell which. Next, because one silicone-laced bite of Fox’s breast was enough to poison a sizable reptile, yet she has two of those things floating atop her ribcage every day. But our deepest sympathy goes out to the dearly departed snake, who probably just thought he was fighting a mongoose.

Bonus point for any commenter that can translate the phrase shouted off camera after the snake latches on.

Snake dies after biting girl’s breast [London Sun via NYP]

Update: Although the London Sun didn’t source the origin of the video, it looks like it all traces back to Oh No They Didn’t’s message board, where the person who posted it tacked on the snake’s death-by-silicone poisoning as a joke. So why do we still find this footage troubling?