Mom Sues Upper East Side Preschool for Ruining Her Daughter’s Chances at the Ivy League


Of course a Manhattan mother is suing her daughter’s Upper East Side preschool for failing to prepare her 4-year-old for the Ivy League. And of course her lawyers actually used the phrase “getting a child into the Ivy League starts in nursery school” in their lawsuit. The mom, Nicole Imprescia, says York Avenue Preschool’s crime (presumably besides the $19,000-a-year tuition) was forcing little Lucia to spend too much time with 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds. Slackers, no doubt. Imprescia says the school should have been focused on preparation for the ERB, an admissions exam required by almost all elite private elementary schools. “Indeed,” the suit alleges, “the school proved not to be a school at all but just one big playroom.” Imprescia yanked her daughter out after just three weeks and wants her money back, despite a no-refund policy. But we’re not sure what she’s so worried about. Clearly Lucia’s heartwarming personal essay about a young girl’s struggle to get out from under her mother’s overbearing ways and overcome the stigma of this lawsuit will get her entrée into any ivy-covered institution.

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