Newspaper Guild Butts Into Arianna Huffington’s Business


The Newspaper Guild, a 26,000-person union of media workers, has reached out to unpaid Huffington Post bloggers and asked them to stop writing for the website now that it is part of AOL — despite the fact that the writers are not, in general, members of the union. “In response to the Huffington Post’s refusal to compensate its thousands of writers in the wake of its $315 merger with AOL, the Newspaper Guild has requested a meeting with company officials to discuss ways the Huffington Post might demonstrate its commitment to quality journalism,” the Guild said in a public letter. “Thus far, the request has been ignored.” You mean Arianna Huffington won’t sit down with a union which doesn’t represent her employees, in order to try to figure out how to change her business model to make it cost more? How can that be??

Newspaper Guild calls on HuffPo’s unpaid writers to withhold their work [Romenesko]
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