NPR’s Ron Schiller Resigns, Effective Immediately


James O’Keefe target and NPR senior vice-president of development Ron Schiller has tendered his resignation. Except! He already tendered his resignation! It seems that Schiller, who controversially said that NPR “would be better off without federal funding” in an O’Keefe sting operation, had already handed in his resignation, effective May 6, in order to take another job. But today, Schiller responded to the O’Keefe drama by making his resignation effective immediately. “While the meeting I participated in turned out to be a ruse, I made statements during the course of the meeting that are counter to NPR’s values and also not reflective of my own beliefs,” said a statement from Schiller. “I offer my sincere apology to those I offended. I previously resigned from NPR effective May 6th to accept another job. In an effort to put this unfortunate matter behind us, NPR and I have agreed that my resignation is effective today.”

NPR’s Ron Schiller: ‘I Have Agreed That My Resignation Is Effective Today’ [Mediaite]