Ohio Senate Schedules a Fetus to Testify About Abortion Bill


In support of a bill that proposes banning abortions after the first heartbeat (something that can happen within eighteen days of conception), the anti-abortion group Faith2Action has scheduled a nine-week-old fetus to testify as a legislative witness before Ohio’s House Health Committee. According to the AP, an aide to Committee Chairman Lynn Wachtmann says a pregnant woman will be “brought before the committee and an ultrasound image of her uterus will be projected onto a screen” with the heartbeat shown in color. Faith2Action president Janet Folger Porter says the intent is to show legislators who will be affected by the bill. If that’s the case, aren’t there sentient beings, like, say, the people that will have to raise it for the next eighteen years that could use actual words to testify? What’s next? Sperm testifying about how sad they are never to have made it to an egg?

Ohio Senate committee schedules unborn child as witness during upcoming abortion bill hearing [AP via Fox 8]