‘Our Ideal Candidate Has Also Cursed Out an Editor, Had Spokespeople Hang Up on Them in Anger and Threatened to Resign at Least Once’


Matthew Doig of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune in Florida has been getting a lot of attention on the Internet today for a job ad he posted a couple of weeks ago for an investigative reporter at his paper. "I'm just mystified that this little job post has resonated with so many people in the business," he told Romenesko. We'll tell you why, Doig. Because you led with this:

[O]ur ideal candidate has also cursed out an editor, had spokespeople hang up on them in anger and threatened to resign at least once because some fool wanted to screw around with their perfect lede.

Intel Dan and Intel Nitasha, don't even think about it.

And Doig didn't stop there:

[I]f you’re the type of sicko who likes holing up in a tiny, closed office with reporters of questionable hygiene to build databases from scratch by hand-entering thousands of pages of documents to take on powerful people and institutions that wish you were dead, all for the glorious reward of having readers pick up the paper and glance at your potential prize-winning epic as they flip their way to the Jumble… well, if that sounds like journalism Heaven, then you’re our kind of sicko.

Florida, Doig continues, is "arguably the best news state in the country," in part because it has "all kinds of corruption, violence and scumbaggery." It has "hurricanes, wildfires, tar balls, bedbugs, diseased citrus trees" and also Disney World and beaches. "So bring the whole family."

The best journalism-job want ad ever ever. [Mother Jones]