People Who Are in Better Shape Than You, Part XXXI: Sumo Wrestlers

NORTH BERGEN, NJ - JUNE 4: Sumo Wrestler Kelly Gneiting, who weighs 400 pounds, prepares to wrestle during the 2005 USA National SUMO Championship on June 4, 2005 in North Bergen, New Jersey. (Photo by David Turnley/Getty Images) Photo: David Turnley/2005 Getty Images

Kelly Gneiting is a 40-year-old, 406-pound hospital statistician from Arizona with a five-foot waist. He is also a three-time American sumo wrestling champion who plans to be the heaviest person to ever run a marathon this Sunday. If Kelly can do it, the rest of you better cross "chafing" out as a list of acceptable excuses. He also boasts the confidence of a woman one-fourth his size. "I have high self-esteem and believe I can do anything." [Telegraph UK]