Pole Dancing Is One of the Many Ways to Worship Jesus


Jesus is a pretty accepting cat. At least that's what people tell us. Apparently he's not only down with holy-water and transubstantiation-type worship from inside the four walls of a church. But he's also willing to make concessions to this modern age. Hence, Crystal Dean's Pole Fitness for Jesus class hosted every second Sunday of the month. Where does God's son figure into Lucite-heels and winding one's body around a metal pole? We'll let Crystal, a former stripper, explain:

"On Sundays when we do the Pole Fitness for Jesus, we do the upbeat contemporary Christian music. Because people have to bring church programs to get into the class—so we're basically just continuing the whole worship thing."

Presumably downbeat Christian contemporary is the type of music they play when you're pole dancing not in the Lord's name.

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