Shawsnake Reportedly Captured [Updated]


It was bound to happen eventually. Zoo officials have reportedly recaptured Shawsnake, bringing an end to her weeklong run as a fugitive. A news conference will be held at 4 p.m., at which point we should find out how, exactly, she was caught. It’s sad that Shawsnake never made it to Mexico, bought some worthless old boat, and fixed it up new. But at least, for a brief time, she tasted freedom. They can never take that away from her, even after she returns to a life ruled by the constant presence of weird, gawking snake nerds.

Source: Bronx Zoo Cobra Found [Fox 5]
Bronx Zoo to hold newser on missing cobra [ABC 7]

Update: The AP reports: “Zoo officials say the snake was found Thursday morning in the zoo’s Reptile House, nearly a week after it went missing. The Egyptian cobra was found coiled in a dark corner of the reptile house and zoo director Jim Breheny says she is in good health.”