‘Socialite’ Paul Johnson Calderon Arrested


Paul Johnson Calderon, bow-tie aficionado and the erstwhile star of the Tinsley Mortimer reality-show snoozefest High Society, was arrested on Sunday morning after allegedly breaking into the University of Massachusetts Pi Kappa Alpha house. Frat boys! Calderon and his female accomplice, Jessica Lyn Dixon, were apprehended when smoke alarms accidentally went off when they entered the house, causing the sprinkler system to go off. They’re being charged with a felony and wanton destruction of property over $250.

So many questions! Like how does Paul Johnson Calderon transport himself to Amherst, Massachusetts? By pink bullet train? Magic glitter bus? And how does he fend for himself once out of the confines of Manhattan, where access to Pinkberry is limited and $22 martinis are in short supply?

Paul Johnson Calderon Arrested for Breaking and Entering a Frat House [Guest of a Guest]