State Senator Carl Kruger Charged With Receiving Over $1 Million in Bribes Over the Past Decade


As we heard was going to happen yesterday, state senator Carl Kruger surrendered to authorities today alongside Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr. They were among eight people charged in a federal corruption case. In the 53-page complaint, Kruger is accused of “receiving a stream of bribes totaling at least $1 million in exchange for taking official actions.” Explains the Times:

Indeed, the detailed 53-page complaint portrays Senator Kruger as a lawmaker who offered a full range of corrupt services in exchange for bribe payments, performing official acts that included sponsoring and supporting legislation, lobbying other elected officials and directing state monies for the benefit of [lobbyist Richard Lipsky] and the lobbyist’s clients.

Remember about two years ago when Kruger was prancing around with his fellow “four amigos,” two of whom where holding the state government hostage? Let’s check up on what’s happened to them by now. Hiram Monserrate was forced out of office after he slashed his girlfriend’s face with a water glass, ran for his seat again and lost, ran for state assembly and lost, and now faces corruption charges of his own.

After a long summer of bad press, Pedro Espada lost his reelection primary in September. Now he faces embezzlement charges, in what then-Attorney General, now-Governor Andrew Cuomo called “the most outrageous abuse of public office” that he had ever seen.

Ruben Diaz Sr. is the only remaining amigo without corruption or embezzlement charges against him. And the queso stands alone 

2 State Legislators Surrender in Corruption Case [NYT]