Three-Year-Old College Student Really Wants to Be New Jersey’s Governor


According to this video’s description on YouTube, America’s Funniest Home Videos awarded 3-year-old Jesse $10,000 for crying hysterically over his inability to serve as governor of New Jersey. But, despite this video being a total gem, nobody noticed it because nobody watches that show or even knew it still existed. Now that the Internet has discovered Jesse, however, he is going to be famous and probably make an appearance on Good Morning America or Today in the very near future, which will provide him with some good clips for his 2040 campaign ads,* assuming his life’s ambitions don’t change 400 times over the next next ten years like every other kid in the world.

*Campaign manager: Mom.

Little Boy Cries That He’s Too Small To Be Governor Of New Jersey [Viral Viral Videos via Buzzfeed]