Tiger Woods Is Dating a 22-Year-Old


If you had asked us, back during the glory days of Skank Fortnight a little over a year ago, what we could predict about Tiger Woods’s life in 2011, we would have told you three things. First, his game would take a tumble in 2010 and then undergo a mediocre recovery by now. Second, his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, would use some of the millions she won in the divorce to buy herself something really nice. And third, Woods would start dating a 22-year-old. All three of those things have come to pass (we are so good at predicting things after they happen!), but even we couldn’t have guessed that the 22-year-old in question would be the stepdaughter of one of Woods’s longtime friends. Alyse Lahti Johnston’s stepfather is Alastair Johnston, the former IMG vice-chair who steered Woods’s epic $60 million deal with Nike back in 1996. Whether or not he steered his stepkid toward the richest guy in sports is unknown. But what is known is that he made the introduction to Woods, and now Alyse is getting spotted frolicking around on Woods’s 155-foot yacht, Privacy. Presumably, neither of them is talking about the fact that when she first met Woods, her dad’s client, she was 7 years old.

’Young’ love for Tiger [NYP]