Wall Street: Tell Us What You Really Think


It’s been a rough few years on Wall Street since the financial crisis. A number of prominent business leaders have said they’ve felt unfairly demonized by the Obama administration, the media, Oliver Stone, even their own mothers. Do you feel the same way? How do you think things have changed for the worse since the crisis? Or have they changed for the better? What do you wish everyone would shut up about, and what do you wish they would focus on? What CNBC talking head/politician/economist is getting it all wrong, and who’s making good sense? If you work in or around financial services and are bursting with unarticulated thoughts on these matters, now’s your chance to get them out there. For New York’s upcoming “Money” issue, we’re soliciting thoughts and opinions from everyone from the people in the corner office to their administrative assistants. Now: We know not everyone is as comfortable airing their views as this guy, so we are willing to publish things anonymously and/or interview you while you’re wearing the scream mask. (Though we will need to make sure you are who you say you are in some confidential way.) Submissions can come in any form: lengthy essay, one-line e-mail, impassioned voice mail, late-night phone call. Just no haiku — the medium is played. That said, I’d love it if someone wrote an acrostic! E-mail jpressler [AT] nymag.com if you’re interested in partaking. And don’t say the media has never done anything for you.