Your Ability to Eat Chicken Tenders on the L Has Been Preserved


A planned ban on subway eating was shut down by MTA chairman Jay Walder, who just doesn’t see a ban as being enforceable. Walder spoke at Wednesday’s monthly MTA board meeting and urged civility and respect. “I think we all have responsibility to try to treat our subway system and fellow riders with respect. I think that extends to food as well,” Walder said after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s monthly board meeting Wednesday. The proposed ban was seen as a way to deter spaghetti fights and starve the increasingly unafraid rat population, but, says Walder, “this is a system that carries 5 million people a day, and I’m not sure a ban on food is really practical or enforceable.” Pass the wings.

MTA Chairman rejects idea of banning food on the subway in wake of spaghetti fight on the train [NYDN]