Adult Twins Lived With Dead Mom’s Rotting Corpse for Months


Identical twins Edwin and Edward Berndt, Houston, Texas, were really busy watching the NCAA championships when their elderly mother Sybil slipped and fell, so they certainly couldn’t be expected to help her up that evening. Nor could they give her a hand on the following three days, when she was alive, and talking and stuck on the floor. You see, explained Edward, the brothers left her there because they couldn’t afford an ambulance, or a burial — even though investigators found receipts for more than $700,000 in their bank account.

After neighbors reported not seeing Sybil Berndt for several months, Houston police made a visit to the house. Not surprisingly, officers found the home in “deplorable condition” and said that it “smelled terribly.” The twins’ mother was found face-down, without underwear and wearing a dirty nightgown. The Berndts were apparently annoyed with their mother because she came in during the televised game “ranting and raving.” When pressed by police, they admitted they didn’t give her food or water before she died. The pair were charged with murder.

Twin Brothers Let Mom Die After Fall Inside Home [NYDN]