BP Cleanup Workers Report Mysterious Illnesses

VENICE, LA - MAY 14: Oil spill cleanup workers adjust an oil boom at South Pass near the mouth of the Mississippi River on May 14, 2010 near Venice, Louisiana. Oil continues leaking out of the Deepwater Horizon wellhead as BP works to contain the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) Photo: John Moore/2010 Getty Images

Almost a year after the BP oil spill, as many as 415 cleanup workers are reporting health problems linked to the spill, with symptoms including dizziness, respiratory-tract infections, ear infections, eye irritation, and memory loss — similar to symptoms reported after the Exxon Valdez spill. Workers are blaming toxic elements in the crude oil and dispersants used to dissolve it, but it will likely take years to validate medical issues. In the meantime, the National Institutes of Health has launched a ten-year study on the health of 55,000 oil-spill cleanup workers and volunteers. [HuffPo]