Mitt Romney Unveils Aquafresh-Inspired Campaign Logo


Stop everything you’re doing right now. Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate, has formed a presidential exploratory committee, indicating that he might run for president. You know he’s pretty serious about this because he’s already come up with a slogan (“Believe in America” — unlike Obama!) and a logo: a wavy, tricolor R that, as our video editor Sarah noticed, is reminiscent of Aquafresh toothpaste. Probably so that every time you brush your teeth, you’ll associate that fresh, clean feeling with the fresh ideas and clean break with the past that Romney will bring to Washington. Or maybe Romney’s logo people waited until the last minute and then frantically looked around the apartment for inspiration. Either way, the Aquafresh people are probably pretty pumped about all the free advertising they’re going to get when Mitt runs.

Here’s Romney’s announcement video, which was filmed in front of a football field in New Hampshire and makes Tim Pawlenty’s announcement video even more ridiculous by comparison: