Brian Williams Mocks Brooklyn Hipsters in New Taxi Video


Back in December, when NBC news anchor Brian Williams called the New York Times’ sudden discovery of the exotic land of Brooklyn the media story of the year, the joke killed. “There are open markets, like trading posts in the early Chippewa tribe! Artisanal cheeses for sale on the street! It’s like Marrakech over there.” But even a journo-comedian has to know his audience. Williams recently reprised the same material for one of those backseat cab segments, but directed it at tourists who might not get the reference.

You’re in luck,” he deadpanned. “You happen to be here in New York during a time of year when the hipsters are out. If you want to blend in a little more thoroughly get yourself a nice thick ironic glass frame and go to one of those Marrakech-like outdoor artisanal markets.” Wait a second — taking pleasure in insider references, ironic nostalgia (for the jokes of yore) … does that make Williams a hipster?

Brian Williams’ Brooklyn Shtick: Now for Cabs [Brownstoner]