Catherine Zeta-Jones Goes to Rehab for ... Bipolar Disorder


Catherine Zeta-Jones, who won the Tony for her performance in A Little Night Music on Broadway while simultaneously helping nurse her cancer-stricken husband, Michael Douglas, back to health, was understandably under some pressure last year. Who wouldn’t behave erratically in those circumstances? Apparently worried about her mental state and preparing to go work on a movie this year, she checked into an unspecified medical facility to “make sure she’s in top form,” according to a friend. People reports that it wasn’t substance abuse or exhaustion that led her to seek help for five days at an inpatient clinic, but in fact her bipolar II disorder. Which since her stay, friends say, has cleared right up. TMZ, however, is a bit skeptical of this story: They report that she was at Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut, which treats “psychiatric and substance abuse disorders.” And on Monday, when they contacted Zeta-Jones’s publicist, they say the spokeswoman suspiciously denied that the actress had checked in anywhere. Whatever the case, we’re glad she’s in top psychological form now. She’ll need to be, to co-star in what IMDB tells us is her upcoming film Playing the Field. In it, Gerard Butler plays “a former professional athlete with a weak past [who] tries to redeem himself by coaching his son’s soccer team, only to find himself unable to resist when in scoring position with his players’ restless and gorgeous moms.” She’ll have to go to some really dark places for that one.

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