Chihuahua Stolen From Back of Porsche — and Found Five Days Later


Little Harry the Chihuahua had quite a week! On April 9 he was chilling in his carrier bag in the back of his owner’s Porsche Cayenne, making some calls, doing some deals, you know. And then, out of nowhere, a criminal smashed the back window of the car and robbed the interior of all of its contents — including Harry and his bag. (Well, not out of nowhere. Harry’s owner did park a Porsche on the Lower East Side.) Nobody knows what happened to Harry for the next five days, as his owner plastered the neighborhood with posters offering a $2,500 reward. “There were a few false alarms — unsavory people calling looking for the reward,” the man, who preferred to remain unidentified, told the Post. “It was like Finding Nemo — it was a whole adventure finding a four-pound dog in all of New York City. That is almost impossible.”

Although Harry’s owner drives a Porsche and carries Harry in a designer bag that a thief could confuse for a piece of luxury luggage, Harry was not implanted with a microchip in case he got lost. Nonetheless, he was found wandering around the Baruch Houses, a project on the Lower East Side, and delivered to Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital. Technician Areli Soto saw the posters and returned the dog to its owner — and even turned down the reward. A Chihuahua rescue fund will receive the donation instead. Though might we suggest investing in a microchip for Harry? Or, at the very least, a collar with ID tags on it — per the law?

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