Donald Trump Jr.: Current U.S. Foreign Policy Is ‘Asinine’


Donald Trump is a staunch supporter of the Dressed to Kilt fashion show because he is totally Scottish — when he wants to build a golf course there. But when doing other things, like running for president of the United States, the Donald is all American. And at the raucous kilt runway show last night his son Donald Jr. told Daily Intel why he thinks his father is right for the job. Or at least why he wants Obama fired. “I’m sick of turning on the news and watching our faux leaders kowtow to everyone in the world,” Donald Jr. huffed. “It’s a shame. As an American, as someone really proud of my country, when I see what’s gone on over the last few years versus the past 300 years, it’s really a shame when you see a downward spiral that you’ve never seen before. I mean, to take 200 years of hegemony and just kind of say, ‘Oh well, big deal, let’s give it up.’ Uh, I don’t like that happening on my watch.”

Even though the job is daunting, he’s willing to sacrifice his dad’s time and energy for the good of the country. “It’s an intense job, but if you look at the people who are doing it and who have done it for the last few years, no real experience, no life experiences outside of, you know, politics; and in the case of our current president, no real experience doing anything. I mean, he was a senator for two or three months,” Donald Jr. explained. “It’s just not who should be leading the most powerful country in the world,” he added. “When you go to other countries, you don’t deal from a negotiation standpoint of weakness when you’re the president of the Unites States, you deal from a position of strength. And we don’t seem to understand how to do that, which is asinine.”

He and his wife, Vanessa, are expecting their third child, but he’d be willing to put up with the hassles, like living surrounded by Secret Service agents. “It is what it is. I think it’s worth it for the country.”